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Got Moxie? Well do ya, punk? If Moxie had a face, it would be that of Clint Eastwood in "The Unforgiven." Once a trademark soft drink, Moxie has reclaimed its true meaning in the form of the annual Moxie! Awards, the Santa Monica Film Festival's celebration of the best in independent filmmaking.

The four day festival begins Friday, February 25 with films, music, informational panels and nightly parties continuing throughout the weekend and culminating in the handing out of Moxie!s Monday the 28th. Thanks to the remote web cast technology of, much of the festival can be viewed at Castpro's Corey Quinn said the company plans on web casting the Moxie! Awards ceremony, as well as the various panels, parties and interviews. Perhaps of most interest to web viewers would be the panel discussion "Producing Content for the Web." Other panel discussions include "Sony High Definition in Film," "DTS - Sound Technology in Film," "2000: Year of the Short Film" and "Music in Film." For a full schedule of festival events, refer to

Industry insiders might agree that aside from inciting revolutions or playing hopscotch on mine fields, few endeavors call upon the degree of pluck and determination required of independent filmmakers in Hollywood. Recognizing this, SMFF founder Albert de Quay created the Moxie! to better serve the needs indie filmmakers. According to de Quay, "Moxie! is an homage to the sheer guts and perseverance that Indie filmmakers must have in order to succeed in an extremely competitive and challenging industry."

A total of 88 films will be shown during the four day, star-studded event. Beginning with keynote speaker Ray Manzarek of "The Doors" and Actor/Director Joe Mantegna, the latter set to receive the Moxie! Tribute Award, the list of festival participants is long. Among them: Gary Marshall, Henry Winkler, Jami Gertz, and Jamie Lee Curtis, just to name a few.

Moxie!s will be awarded Monday night based on the votes of attending audiences for the best in drama, comedy, documentary, contemporary short, experimental short, and animation short films, as well as for best cinematographer, actor, actress, director, and producer. New to this year's awards will be two awards for screenwriting, one for drama, the other for comedy. Writers interested in a listing of similar contests should visit

This year's celebration marks the second annual Moxie! Awards of the now four-year-old Santa Monica Film Festival. Santa Monica's festival is different than most so-called "one shot festivals" in that they screen independent films on every third Thursday throughout the year.

SMFF recently joined forces with ( to work toward global online film distribution. In an endeavor to further close the gap between film industry insiders and those not "connected," will archive all independent films previously screened by the Santa Monica Film Festival, giving indie filmmakers a shot at a global audience.

If you're in the area of Bergamot Station in Santa Monica this weekend, take the time out to see the film medium in a more honest and pure, inspiration-minus-the-commercialization form.

Individual tickets are $7.00 each and are available at the box office. Day passes run $65 each or $100 for a three-day pass. Tickets for the awards ceremony and after-party are $135. All are available through or or by calling (888) ETM-TIXS.


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