Excerpt from "Dog Bowls & Ashtrays"

breakfast head
an ode to Tom Waits

scrambled egg dreams
white toast toasted mind
on a sunny side up Sunday
eyeballs poached and saucered
hash browned intentions
anticipating ketchup decisions
slow to come
eggs benedict slow
bacon please.. no! sausage
the end may be near
but sausages have two ends
whatever that means
beans honey baked ideals
like cereal monogamy
cantaloupe wedged confusion
morality --a crabmeat omelet
Aunt Jemima on your pancake
or Blackberry Jan or Jean or Joline
oatmeal all of the above
grits of moral courage
hopeful corned beef hash
coffee black writer
scribbles on disposable white place mat
make it bacon after all
end of the world my hash
grapefruit juice large
bowl of faith.

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