Here it is, ladies and gents.
The words are at last flowing again in a manner much like the once and famous Gonzo Gazette. It's journalism! It's poetry! No! It's pojolism! What? I dunno. What I do know, however, is this: there's no journal like an online journal to keep a gonzo writer on his toes. Hell, The Gonzo Gazette, Mental Floss, The Idyllwild Word, The Bisbee Bathroom Companion, all of those great forefathers of the web, my early works, monthly zines and chapbooks, all of them kept me writing through all sorts of hell. Now at last! A more-or-less daily online commitment to YOU, my audience, and to me, the madcap captain of this grand ghost ship sailing so long alone on landless seas, everything in scales of gray as the moon licks tiny whitecaps and swells in everlasting journalistic night. We write. We write on, and we hope. Faith, the evidence of things not seen. She is our only compass. And on the horizon a faint dawn light at last appears, and it is the Internet. At last a chance to find my audience and be read by more eyes than comprise that of family and friends. A limitless venue at last. At long last. - RSMcKinney

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