Jigglebox Takes On The Appalachian Trail

On March 20th of this year, I embark[ed] on a long journey across land. I have given up on recent efforts to settle down and have decided instead to "run with the hunted," embracing my almost pathological addiction to movement. I'm leaving the car behind this time, however, and setting out on foot. With only a pack on my back and a Gonzo Heart, I'm going to hike the mountains and valleys of the Appalachian Trail. Whether or not I succeed in finishing [I did!] all of The Trail's 2,174 miles from Georgia to some cold, high rock in Maine is irrelevant. I'll be happy if I make it 1/10th of the way [I made it the WHOLE WAY!]. For whilst hiking I will also be writing [I wrote over 175,000 words from the trail!]. A pen between my teeth, the fresh smell of forest all around, and my lovely granola goddess grinning at me in the firelight as she warm-water washes my ink-stained hands. Yum. Thanks to my dedicated support staff of Justin & Swami (the latter translated my insane scribblings from the forests of Maine in '02) and modern technology (in the form of a pocket-sized modem I'll be carrying), I'll not only be writing but posting to this site every week. Get ready for yet another return of the Rants, this time Sasquatch Style! [THANK YOU, ALL!  WE DID IT! - RSM October 27, 2004]

[Note: More words coming as I get them posted, mostly to the final 5 or 6 links.  Check back often! -RSM

Courtesy of Appalachiantrail.org
  • Drunk Cannon
    & Pegasus flight

  • The Stoney

  • Lonesome Walt
    & Lockerless NYC

  • Yab-Yuck &
    The Burr!-kshires

  • Palm.net Unplugs:
    Last wireless words from NH

  • Trail Days
    Swami & Justin
    "Come out!"

  • NH's Presidentials

  • The Last
    State Line

  • 100-Mile Wilderness

  • Summit Katahdin

  • Post AT Syndrome

  • The Last Word

    • Special thanks to Robert Alden Rubin, author of "On the Beaten Path," the book that inspired this mad mission I am now on, and to my fantastic support staff of Bruce "Swami" Endres, Timmy the Antichrist and Justin Alessandro, my quick-study webmaster, cousin & friend.

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