Embracing the bomb

Welcome to a new round of Rants!
Back by popular demand, the rants began again in June and have already been linked to three wrist-slittings, four drive-by salad shootings, seven overthrows of seven governments, nine elevations to a higher plain of consciousness, eleven complaint letters, twelve bold-faced lies, and thirteen screaming orgasms. No shit. I, however, remain my good, humble, god-beering self. While Lara Croft parachuttes into moving Jeeps on the Serengeti, and John Connor bangs New World BreederClaire Danes like it's the End of the World, I pass yet another summer in impoverished obscurity in what has come to feel like an infinitely-looping, loopy pursuit of an agent, a publisher, all that. But I can dream. And I do dream, all the time. And if Death catches me yet-dreaming and unrequited, I will go without regret. I will go smiling, knowing that my obstinate pursuit of a dream worked, knowing that I won if for no other reason than I never quit. Ever. I am the Terminator, the Wordinator. Mettle exoskeleton. Duracell heart. Hundred Proof soul.
-Lord Duke RSM

Please help keep me ranting!
Most of the time, I subsist on less than $100/week. Think about that. 100 bucks! Still I manage to keep writing, very often w/o eating. Even $20 can mean so much.

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Rants Take 3:
June to Nov 03

(beginning with the most recent)

11/29: Gravity Sucks

11/17: My Weird Life
& Luci in the Sky with a Smile

Burning Man `03, Part 5:
Wheat Grass Juice with Werner

11/9: The Rants Return

Burning Man `03, Part 4:
Carey, Pogo, Shuey & Time

Burning Man `03, Part 3:
Big Tool Cracker Camp

Burning Man `03, Part 2:
Once We Were Pirates

Burning Man `03, Part 1:
Crashing the Burning Gate

8/21: The Orgasmatron

8/13: Hole in the Ground

7/28: Arrows for the Ancients

7/26: Pleading with Today

7/25: Where art thou Agent mine?

7/19: Purple desert bed flight

7/16: Formulating the Question

7/12: The Jetty

7/9: The Sillies have it

Starfish Halls Chapter Two

7/7: Toady the Radiohead

7/6: The Path & the Plath

7/4: Indie Pants Dance Day

7/3: Moby Dick, Duke, & the celebrity stomp

7/1: Alice & the Big Milk

Starfish Halls Chapter One

6/23: Robyn O'Packi & the
Kramer vs. Kramer Hammer

6/19: No Plan B

6/17: Sky City & the Crazy Money Lottery

6/15: Big Belly Bad Ass Brad


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