Welcome to The End.
Here are the last precious dregs of my first chaotic year of ranting online. It's no accident, I suppose, that I chose this most auspicious & patently insane year to record my every other move, my every mad thought. And despite some very serious periods of blues (recorded with the same journalistic zeal & disregard for my privacy with which I have written of high & wonderful times) the Year 2002 ended well. In a surprise turn of events, I found myself dancing December 31st in celebration of the death of the old year & birth of the new alongside can-can girls & fire-twirlers in the streets of Old Bisbee, Arizona. It was one of the greatest nights of my life, and it is recorded here not in words but in pictures. Also herein is a partial photo album of my sixth Burning Man experience, another truly incredible gathering of our time's most beautiful minds. Enjoy.
-Lord Duke RSM

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2002 Over & Out

12/4: Val Kilmer for a day

12/5: The Artist Paratrooper

12/7: The Perfect Moment

12/9: Lola says Schtop!

12/10: You're a jazz poet

12/11: Thumbalina Ziplocks

12/13: Cricket & the Duke fix

12/15: Call the Consulate

12/20: Let me ex-spleen!

12/24: Mazatlan, half-told

Bisbee New Year

1/02: Ode to Bisbee Woman

1/08: My lil' gutter babies

1/12: Wonka'd Out

Savior Anne

BURNING MAN '02: Gonzo
Journalism from the Playa


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