Rants of Month's Past

Eleven days in June

June 4 - It's worth it!
June 5 - The Hollywood Afflect-shun
June 7 - A close encounter of the Robin kind
June 10 - I'll never look at Gwyneth quite the same
June 12 - Don't let your dollies grow up to be drunks
June 17 - At play in the fields of the Lord
June 20 - Perfect Attitude
June 25 - Blackjack
June 26 - Heavens of Terpsicore
June 27 - The Un-Air Conditioned Nightmare, part 1
June 28 - Italian Steam

A few days in April

April 1 - April Foo! You're drunkit
April 2 - Boom! Your atomic fame is NOW!
April 7 - Daylight overdraft time and the blessings of fates not ours

Twenty-one days in May
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You're bumming my Vicodan high! 5000 pound nut ball, gum ball googoo gaagaa zing bang walla walla ting tang whiplash magic art metamachine A grand piano crouching in a dark corner She drank to please me but her eyeswere already saying goodbye about as much sex drive as a neutered tomcat on Thorazine target practice  with little air freshener thingy at the base of the urinal TV's on my block are gonna suffer a brutal baseball bat death over this one confused yet happy, homeward-weaving size-11 feet Goodnight, my dearest little friendand prettiest of ferrets. Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's door.. Captain Rocky off the Jet Path The new phonebook's here! A sweater, warm socks & bad genes There's an old bar down in New Orleans.. the bad uncle.. giving beer to a 1-year old on his birthday like badly pronounced and half-finished sentences out of a stupid suburban novel Any resemblance to the real Climitia is purely coincidental. a giant chainsaw ripping through the wall into the apartment next door infernal, insurance-less hellfire and brimstone pain a hangover and Henry Miller's Greece piercing the satin castle of cumulus clouds and carrying us with him to glory

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