Rebecca Caldwell's Unholy Roller
Crawl into the dark and stunning imagination of artist Rebecca Caldwell on a virtual visit to her studio and the innards and outards of her vaulting Art Car "Carthedral."

Harrod Blank's Art Car Agency
Harrod Blank, artist and creator of the seminal Art Car films "Wild Wheels" and "Wild Wheels II."

Art Cars in Cyberspace!
Take an Art Car joy ride on the Information Superhighway via the seminal Art Car website created and maintained by Penny Smith and Harry Leverette.

Kelly Lyles
Come meet artist Kelly Lyles, her art car, "Leopard Bernstein," and all of her other amazing canvas captures of critters and we 2-legged types.

The Art of The Flying Pickle!
Imagine a mind in which crazy art and classic talent and training come together. That's my friend Marie Vlasic. Check out the LIVE web feed to her art studio!

Gonzo Artist: Ralph Steadman
The genius pen that drew circles round Gonzo Journalism & endured Thompson's madness to pen the now legendary visuals.

Philo's Art in Flux
Art by Philo Northrup, creator of the "Truck in Flux," brains behind Art Car Fest and student of Elastic Symbolism.

My friend Bill's masterpiece
The amazing true tale of Bill's time spent aiding the besieged citizens of Sarajevo in the mid-1990s, his friendship with Bono and live satellite feeds to Zooropa, and the making of a documentary. Read it NOW before the movie comes out!


Another Perspective
News with a lot less corporate crap.

The Mysterious Monk
Look deeper down the rabbit hole with this once-upon-a-time mobile magazine now online.

Bust a move for your mind.
A Culture Jammer's guide.

Go Nuts over Pinon!
Go nuts over pine nuts at my buddy Dave's pinon store! Though generally I limit my links my artist friends, to Dave the pinon IS art!

Mr. Idyllwild
Live! From the tiny little mountain hamlet of Idyll-Weird, California and sometimes a hash bar Amsterdam, it's the ageless and omni-talented artist Rick Knowlton!

Art Car Fest!
Art Car Fest is a whale of a good time if you're in the Bay Area and recovered from Burning Man in time!

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