[Author's Note, Oct. 10, 2002]

Most all of these rants from the past summer we're scribbled on steno notepads, stuffed into envelopes & stamped under extreme intoxication, then thrust in the trembling hands of frightened hikers passing through my deep woods encampment, mailed whenever said hikers reached the rural post office ten miles away, received in California and finally transcribed by two saintly, patient elves and posted AS IS. With all due respect to said elves, my handscrawl is so gnarly I shoulda been a doctor. They did their best. But there are many, many mis-transcriptions in grammar, spelling, contex, and worst of all, meaning. Editing all this shit is on my "List of things to do when I stop Running With the Kings." Or when summer's over, whichever comes first. But here it is, October, and my summer is far from over. Special thanks to my wonferdal elves, and forgive me my horrible scrawl that at times comes out sounding like English is my 2nd language.
Via con Dios!
-Lord Duke RSM

Click here for the July 4th Special Photo Essay!
(With apologies for the lack of words written about that day, this of course owing to copious amounts of drugs, libations, skinny dipping, 4 a.m. mortar firing into the starry night, and all the other BEING-IN-THE-NOW kind of fun that makes writing damn near impossible.)

A card-carrying member of The Vagabond Jet Set Elite cruising at 30,000 feet

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