April 01, 2002

I hate to sound predictable but I'm so sick of the status quo. It's predictable to say because every poet says it because everyone says it. But everyone says it, because the status quo is everyone and everything. Right? Wrong. It's them. Yep, good ole them. It's advertising and it's killing us softly with its song.

It's everywhere, and it's making me sick. I want to do something completely irrational and absurd. I want to kick some tires, kick some tired trends. I want to bend some arms behind backs and make the status quo scream uncle. If I see Tiger Woods on one more cover of Sports Illustrated or Wheaties box or USA Today, I'm gonna scream. One more cover shot of Britney Spears or Absolut ad posing as art, one more Dave Matthews or Elton John song, one more bunghole on the radio saying "you're doing a great job" to that sickening syndicated dehumanized formula radio station The Arrow, I'm gonna smash a bottle of Absolut over my stereo while Britney squeals. And People Magazine can suck my cat's ass.

I'm so sick, sick, sick of Newsweek and CNN and the Associated Press associating with GE and AOL Time Warner Starfucks and McRonald WalFarts and no news is good news and everything that passes for news is framed in an onslaught of ads, ads, ads. My whole sickness is with ads. So perhaps I should substitute the word ads for the word sick and say I'm ads, ads, ads of the status quo. I'm sick of men in suits jiggling my ads nads abs, my body, my brain, her womb, her waistline, her breasts, and worst of all our kids. The kids we'll never have because ads unlike AIDS weakens the immune system of the soul and if current trends are any indication this nation will soon be branding babies with McDonalds "M"s and Macintosh apples and Nike checkmarks and, and, and.. whoa.

Suddenly I'm out of words. I'm out advertorial non-ideas. I can't call to mind anymore of their sick slogans. Well, oh thank heaven for 7-11 that I'm comparatively ignorant of it all thanks to the pure luck of my weird life in places and amongst people who just don't participate, who aren't good consumers. But that's just me, cuz I don't watch TV.

Thank heaven that the sickness, though all around me and on me like a fungus.. it, they, them, the ads are not in me and never will be. But I feel them. They're out there, spinning round me like the world from a Ferris Wheel, posing for reality, spinning, spinning. The spinmeisters of the status quo are spinning their spell, and I do believe I'm dizzy and preparing to puke.

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