March 19, 2002
"You think you're smart, but it's awful art."

Well, Harrod's latest miracle arrived UPS today. "Art Cars: the cars, the artists.. etc, etc" the new art car book! That was a welcome breathe of fresh air and color into this grim, post-mortem atmosphere. The day after Matilda died, I awoke sick as a dog, again. The same cold symptoms and cough I've battled off and on since Mardi Gras. Over a month. Yikes. Stress, I guess. So, I was on the phone with Jan the Cork when the book came. We enjoyed going over it together, her in snowy, cold Minnesota, and me down here sick and ailing in 80 degree humid heat. Then I had to go. Felt too wiped out. But then, after not much of an opportunity to rest, Ray Bong and Mike showed up. That's Ray's CD above. He's this nutty, cool character who ran up to me one day at Duke and started ranting about awful art. He congradulated me on having created a truly awful piece of art, and handed me his CD as a kind of diploma or something. It was a kick. Over a month went by before I listened to the CD, but when I finally did, damn! I couldn't stop. It's just this long, weird stretch of Sid Barrett (sp?)-esque easy on the brain tripper tunes, and I think I've probably played it about a 100 times straight through since mid-February. There just aren't any rough spots, no jarring, inappropriate songs stuck in there such as that horrid song "Big Time" on that otherwise zen, beautiful Peter Gabriel album. Anyway, click on the wacko face Ray drew above to hear a few tracks from the album. They're MP3 files, so you'll need to have the latest free Real Player download. Or you can get there by going to The guys brought beer and Scott finally got his foodstamps and went shopping, so what the hell. We're partying. I'll likely die of pneumonia soon. Whatever. I was almost committed last night against my will after raving at a depression group about killing Matilda and wanting to join her. Never a dull moment here in the Land of the Weird.


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