March 18, 2002
[the following selection from the Gonzo Answering Machine of Fame is placed here in lieu of a journal entry while the author recovers from PTFDSD, a.k.a. post traumatic ferret death stress disorder]

The voice of Harrod Blank
One Monday in the Fall of 2000
4:54 p.m.

Hello you serious green-haired wizard of a writer on a jet pack through the sky going somewhere.. somewhere to Never Never Land and leaving us all behind in your wake as you pioneer this new reality. Tricky Ricky on a Trip, good luck Ricky! This is Mamula. Mamula sick today. Mamula been through lot lately. Mamula doesn't know what's going to happen with everything, but he likes everything, ya voll.
Tricky Ricky I'm a little delirious right now but if you want to talk about your script give me a call. I might be passed out til after the football game in which I'm supposed to enjoy the family affair with my father of the football game over jazz pizza and Tai food with the one and only David as our everlasting sidekick. Tricky, grab the reigns of your horses and steer them onward to your destination, and I'll see you there. Love, Mamulalalalala and hi to K-k-k-aren. You guys have fun today. It's Sunday, I mean Monday. You deserve it. 10-4. Captain Rocky off the jet pack.. Mayday.

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