Do you like the writings of Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Tom Robbins and Nostradamus? Well then, you're gonna love the poetry, fiction, road journals, memoirs and general scribbling madness of author and artist Rick McKinney. Here, available for sale online for the first time, is the whole Pandora's Box of the written work of the man alternately known as Lord Duke, Keeper of the Sacred Art Car.

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We regret that, aside from "Dead Men," the bookstore is currently closed.  Should something listed here strike your fancy, write me and maybe I'll just send you a copy out of the goodness of my heart or sheer vanity, whatever it is that keeps me writing and maintaining this site.  Address snail mail to (updated September, 2008): McKinney, PO Box 32352 Oakland CA 94604.


Poetry Chapbooks

Dogbowls & Ashtrays
Poems from Arizona

Remember Watermelon?
Poems from Oregon

I Did This While You Were Watching TV
Poems from inside Duke (1995-2000)

The Innocuous Aesthetics of Everything
Poems about nothing

Serious Green Haired Wizard
Poems from New Mexico

The Potato Heads are Going to Hell
Poems from The Road

Novels, Screenplays and Memoirs

Catcher in the Sky
A feature length novel

On The Road With Duke
A collection of short road tales, news
clippings & other Duke history

Glued To The Road: A Hairline Crack
in the Freeway of History
A mad, road-kill memoir from inside Duke,
summer of 1998

The raw, intense Amtrak memoir that inspired
"Salem and the Train"

Salem and the Train
A feature-length screenplay

Wal-Mart Boy
A feature-length screenplay

The Road to Anytown, America: A Journal
Gritty, uncensored journal of a cross-country trip
in the winter of 1996

Starfish Halls: When I Drowned and Lived
to Tell About It
A harrowing memoir of long, lonely hikes on California's stormy Lost Coast

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