It's been a weird month, 31 daze of a kind of eerie silence, a silence that begat passages like this:
"I could feel the lead and the lethargy of encroaching winter as October rains and cold snaps vied for my detention, made me feel all hemmed in as though any minute THEY would slam shut the giant doors of the wall, the new Berlin-esque "homeland defense" wall of civil liberty, instituting horrors like interstate travel visas, curfews, martial law. It's coming. Only the daft and the blissfully ill-informed Wal-Mart shoppers don't see what we, the writers, the thinkers, the walkers on the slippery rocks see. Or maybe it will indeed be a real wall, or walls. Just like the ones they use to keep the Mexicans out, vaulting corrugated steel blockades where the sidewalks end and men in green suites and guns protect `us' from `them.'
Happy Reading.

Via con Dios..
-Lord Duke RSM

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